Monday, September 27, 2010

mp3music component

Simple Mp3Music component is an easy to configure MP3 Player working with Flash. It is a singleplayer with only control bar.

The component has been successfully tested in various browsers and all the bugs were fixed.

Mp3Music will help you list new mp3 songs, artist image, description and play mp3 songs online and more in your web site.And also this can be used to play peoples messages with their image.

Front end of the component

Back-end of the component

You can add the music on here.Keep in mind to add audio files and images to the audio directory.

Listing our all artist in back-end

Here you can manege your all music.Add,edit,delete,publish and unpublished your music.

I'm always trying to keep the standard and quality of the code.

Need a Update

Our component doesn't play play-list. I will try to add a play-list option after few days.